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The warrant of 354 was first issued in 1760 to a Military Lodge called the 49th Foot Regiment, then again in 1884 under the Irish Constitution to a Lodge in Deloraine, Tasmania, called the 'Meander ' Lodge.


It wasn't until the 18th June 1903 that Shamrock Masonic Lodge No. 354 Kircubbin was issued with the warrant by The Grand Lodge of Ireland and  the new Lodge was constituted.

The Lodge has been at continuous labour for 118 years  in The Masonic Province of Down.














Here you can read the newpaper article from the Newtownards Chronicle.




Newtownards Chronicle

And County Down Observer



NEWTOWNARDS,              SATURDAY,              JUNE,              18,             1903









The Masonic Province of Down continues to show practical evidence of the extension of the Craft.  On the 18th June another number was added to the Province by the constitution of the "Shamrock" Lodge No.354 in Kirkcubbin.  For some time the project had been on foot owing to the numbers of the Craft in the district, and the consummation of thier hopes reached finality when the approval of the Grand Lodge was secured.  The consecration ceremony took place in the lodge-room shortly after 4 o'clock, the Right Worshipful D.F.G.M of Down.  Br. Dr. Crossle, who never spares himself for furthering the interest of the craft, occupying the chair.


Amongst those present were - Brs. W. B. Burrows, P.S.G.W.; Jos. Keown, P.J.G.W.; J. H. Barrett, P.G.S.; E. Kirkpatrick, P.P.S.G.W.; Wm Shannon, P.G.D.C.; John Orr, P.G.D.C.; Rev. Wm. Wright, P.G.C.; Rev. R. H. Coote, P.G.C.; John B. Iliff, P.P.G.S.; George Elliot, P.G.I,; Alexander Dickson, P.P.J.G.W.; W. S. McClean, D. H. Johnston, R. Murray, James McNeill, James Gilmore, 104; Robert S. Henry, P.M., 447; Andrew Boyd, S.W., 104; Wm. Savage, P.M., 104: Henry Jones, I.G., 104; Wm. J. Harper,  W.M., 675; Wm. Blakley, P.K.R.A.C., 447; Geo. Gibson, 675; Samuel Mahood, 237; Herbert Allison, P.M., 188; Robert Murray, P.M., 675; H.M. Warnock, P.M., 104; Arch. E. Wright. 223; S. F. L. Neely; Geo. McNarry, 675; Joseph Law, 675; Robert Gregg, 74; James Beck, 104; Wm. John Mahood, 104; James Boyd, 354; Fred W. Shaw, 104; David H. Wilson 354; Francias J. Higgins, W.M., 183; Samuel Reid, P.M., 183; Wm. Filson, 183; James Filson, 183; Robert Gilmore, jun., 183; N de la C. Cromlin, 354; Robert Gilmore, sen., P.M., 183; W. J, Coulter, 104; Samuel Brown, 354; Joseph Clint, 354; A. M'Cormick, 354; Adrew Gilmore, 354; James Gilmore, 354; John McKee, 354; James McNeilly, 1000, organist.




The Provincial brethren having assumed their positions, the lodge was opened in accordance with custom.  Bro. Wm. Shanon acting as P.G.D. of Ceremonies.  When the consecration of the new lodge had been performed by the Right Worshipful the D.P.G.M. Br. Dr. Crossle, the officers of the lodge were installed as follows - W.M., John B. Iliff, P.P.G.S.; S.W., James Boyd; J.W., Samuel Brown; secretary and treasurer, Robert Gilmore sen., P.M; Joseph Clinht S.D.; David W. Wilson, J.D.; and Robert Gilmore, jun., IG.


Bro. Rev. R. H. Coot e P.G.C., then gave a most excellent discourse on the temants of Freemasonry, in the preamble of which he made allusion ot the fact that a lodge which conferred many of the higher degrees had been constituted on Kirkcubbin on 1803, and dissolved in 1835.  The lecturer gave an interesting resume of the Craft from its foundation, and which was so  much appreciated that a special vote of thanks was accorded him for the excellence of the charge.  After the lodge was closed the brethren united in singing the National Anthem ( Masonic version).


Subsequently the officers and members of Lodge 354 entertained the principal officers and visiting brethren in the "Mermaid of Mahee", where an excellent repast was served.  Bro. Wm Shannon, on behalf of he visiting brethren, thanked the members of 354 for their bounteous hospitality, and Bro, John B. Iliff, W.M., having suitably acknowledged the compliment, the proceedings terminated.








*** The original newspaper can be viewed in the Belfast Newspaper Library,  Library Street, Belfast, BT1 1EA - Tel; 028 90 509 117


In 1911 the new hall was built and a ceremoney of Dedication held.   It was performed by The Provincial Grand Master of Down - R W Bro R G Sharman Crawford D L. 


Today the hall is called Kircubbin Masonic Centre and there are 3 Lodges and 2 Royal Arch Chapters who sit here ~ Kircubbin 354, Portaferry 104 and Greyabbey 183. 









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